About IFA

Helping to Grow The Things You Love

After 90 years, Intermountain Farmers Association has created a history of agriculture excellence. We are located in five states with more than 35 physical locations. We are proud to do business and serve in the community. IFA is committed to continue supporting one another as we “grow the things we love.”

Your farmer’s cooperative was formed in 1923 by a group of men with an ambitious vision for the future and a lot of hard work. Organized in Gunnison, Utah as a marketing cooperative for surplus eggs in the region, the talents of Albertus Willardson, Benjamin Brown, and Clyde Edmonds merged and were immediately recognized by producers as well as groups like the Utah Farm Bureau, the railroad companies and small town businessmen looking to improve the economy of their community. Read more about the history of Intermountain Farmers Association.