IFA 4-Way Corn, Oat, Barley & Molasses Feed

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IFA’s 4-Way C.O.B. + molasses Mix is a premium, energy-rich feed for livestock and all other animal classes.

This energy-rich feed is a premium blend of flaked corn, flaked barley and crimped oats which are coated in molasses to enhance taste and palatability. The grains are locally-milled to increase digestibility, nutrient availability and palatability for superior nutritional value. IFA 4-Way Mix provides an excellent source of energy for all types of animals and livestock.


Product Details

  • For all animal classes; including horses, cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock
  • Premium blend of high-quality flaked corn, flaked barley and crimped oats with molasses
  • Cane molasses enhances flavor and palatability while providing added energy and minerals
  • Provides good energy value to help livestock maintain and gain weight
  • Thermal-processed grains increase digestibility, nutritional uptake and palatability
  • Feed as the energy portion of animal’s daily ration
  • 40 bags per pallet


Nutritional Information: 10% Crude Protein (min), 3.4% Crude Fat (min), 5.2% Crude Fiber (max)

Type: Feed

Form: Textured


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