IFA Gold Conditioner Horse Feed

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Expertly formulated and locally milled, texturized feed for performance horses with 13% protein in a 50lb bag. Antibiotic free, no added hormones. Recommended Species: Horses


IFA Gold Conditioner is an all-natural feed formulated with nutrition for performance horses or horses with an active lifestyle and is balanced to be fed with alfalfa hays.

This active equine feed is enhanced with Omega-3s for better health, yeast to increase digestibility and nutrient absorption. 13% protein for muscle development and recovery in active horses. Growth hormone and antibiotic free.


Product Details

  • Provides balanced protein and energy levels for performance horses and active lifestyles 13% protein for muscle development and recovery
  • Optimal levels of protein, fat, vitamins & minerals to maintain body condition
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics stimulate appetite and maintain healthy digestion
  • Steam-flaked corn and soy beans provide superior availability of nutrients
  • Contains Omega-3s for enhanced immune system health
  • Added yeast to increase absorption, digestibility, and optimal fiber utilization
  • Antibiotic and growth hormone free
  • 40 bags per pallet

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Nutritional Information: 13% Crude Protein (min), 5.2% Crude Fat (min), 8.2% Crude Fiber (max)

Type: Textured

Life Stage: Active, Performance

Form: Pellet


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