Smarty Pipes Pro Legs with Lights – Green & Black



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Smarty’s Pipes Pro is a unique tool for heelers to practice their timing and delivery on the ground. The pipes mimic a steer’s legs at the highest point of a jump and can be adjusted up or down. Like the Smarty steer and Xtreme dummies, the pro pipes have LED lights that help heelers learn and practice timing their swing.


The Pipes Pro is a compact, durable and adjustable tool for heelers. LED lights with three settings and an adjustable base make Pro Pipes the perfect tool for heelers to practice anywhere.

-LED Lights: LED lights teach heelers to focus on the legs by creating a clear target when in steady mode. The pipes also have a blinking mode to help heelers practice timing their swing.
-Adjustable Base: An adjustable base makes the Pipes Pro an adaptable practice tool that fits a heeler’s personal preference.
-Powder-Coated Metal: Powder coated metal makes the Pipes Pro a durable tool and perfect for practice on the road.

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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