Smarty Shorty Shoot (Smarty Chute) – Green



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The Shorty Shoot offers jackpot-style fun at home. Load any Shorty dummy in the chute and bump the switch for fast-action fun. The Shorty Shoot is great for headers and heelers to practice their form and techniques in a realistic and enjoyable setting. Adding a little motion to each run peeds things up and adds an element of challenge to roping on the ground.


Shorty Shoots are built to last and designed with a release switch that will shoot the steer out like a live animal.

-Release Switch: The Shorty Shoot release switch will push the Shorty dummy out of the loaded chute for the header and healer to rope in motion.
-Durable Materials: Shorty Shoots are durable and built to last so the fun doesn’t stop.

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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